BitConnect – Another Ponzi Like USI Tech?

For those who have heard of BitConnect (see Bitcoin on CoinMarketCap) but do not understand what it is, then you should know that this is a community platform designed for all potential investors with diverse investment opportunities providing cryptocurrency education. You will find all the freedom and independence you have always desired in a like-minded community who have the same goals of finding a stable income in this world of high competition in almost every field. At least that’s what you hope?
The big question that people ask themselves is how to make money with BitConnect. Here, we have provided a complete on several ways on which you can use to earn money on this platform.
Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency Coins
Just like stock exchange market, you can participate in buying and selling Bitcoins to earn some remarkable profit. It is a simple business task as you will need to follow up the market and find out the right time to purchase or sell your coins. To participate in the trade, you initially purchase some coins to start off your investment dreams.
To buy the bitcoins, all you need to do is visit the BitConnect official website and register as a user. You will find a green button which is the link that will lead you to the bitcoin address where you need to deposit your coins. After depositing, you will see a pending unconfirmed transaction. The transaction will be confirmed after some time and becomes active for trading after three bitcoin confirmations. You will need to be patient for around 30 minutes where you need to sit down and relax.
To buy and sell the coins, you will require the lending machine available at the website.
Lend or Invest in the coins from BitConnect wallet
After purchasing the coins and all your BCC filled forms, you can now navigate through the website to your dashboard and click the lend BitConnect button. The Bitconnect box appears where you need to enter the amount you want to lend in USD. Carefully read the terms and conditions which includes the terms of services that you are sure of what you are doing to avoid any inconveniences later on.
Then after understanding all the regulations, you need to check the small checkbox then select the mode of payment from the buttons at the bottom of your screen. Once you pay from your wallet, you will need to hit the confirm button and receive the message informing you that the transaction is completed but you need to have the required amount in your wallet. You have seen how pretty investment opportunity its as you will receive your coins back with interest.
Earning from the referral program
The other simple method to earn income through the platform is via the referral program where you will earn 7% of the profit from the first people you sign every time they earn. If you get two more, you earn 3% of their profits, and for the next rounds of referrals, you get minimal amount reducing from 1% moving downwards to 0.5% and below. But it is a good income earning method for the first five referrals you get; it will sustain you because the more you invest and the more they invest, the higher your profits become. So, it is a good opportunity to try, and you will surely earn.
Coin Supply channel
You can also invest in the Coin Supply channel for new coins which you may add to your wallet and decide on where to make more investment when your the coins accumulate.
Coin demand channel
You can diversify your investment opportunities in the Coin demand channel on BBC staking. Here the chances of earnings are variable depending on the season, but you are assured of a steady return which comes with capital and security inclusive.
The platform also allows you to invest in Coin distribution channel when you trade your coins and trading the BCC in the exchange market. The only precaution to note is that here the earnings are high, but there are some risks involved.
As you have seen, the BitConnect platform offers you unlimited opportunities to earn money thus diversifying your sources of income to support your needs in everyday life. You should not get scared but join the network and meet millions of people who are earning lots of income from the same and having a common goal. The good thing is that the platform offers plenty of information involving cryptocurrencies that will guide you in making the appropriate decision.
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