Is USI Tech Worth Your Time? Full Review

The increasing activities of network marketers on social media and increasing online popularity of USI-Tech has compelled me to review it.

I have written this unbiased USI Tech review to help you to know this concept more closely before investing in it. There’s a lot of information out there on USI Tech so it’s hard to know who to trust.

Introduction with USI Tech

UPDATE – Since originally writing this USI Tech review the company has actually changed how they operate. Rather than getting you to buy into a software that trades forex it is now free and you buy BTC packages.

The company has completely re-invented itself and is operating on Bitcoin plus they are also launching their own token via an ICO.

Read a more up to date review at as the following article is not accurate anymore.

About USI

USI Tech is a company but its website does not provide any information about the background of its owners or operators. This fact can be a serious issue for many people interested in investing in some online business. The only information provided by the website of this company registration of its domain which was registered by someone named as Joao Severino on 23rd June, 2016. Its registration also provides a Portugal’s address but that also does not seem to be reliable due to lack of any background information of the company.

Moreover, nothing can be known about Severino, even after searching his history, due to language barriers. In my view, the companies try to hide something when they provide very little information about its background. Such things make it doubtful about the legal status of the company but before taking a final decision you should know its schemes and products.

Products of USI Tech 

The website of USI Tech also does not talk much about its product line. For this reason we will have to assume that the company does not have products or services that can be retailed by their affiliates to retailers in the open market.

Actually, the company itself sells affiliate membership to the people interested in buying affiliation of such companies. Some of the companies with such set up try to be successful but there is great risk of failure of business and loss of money.

In this case, the company offers access to its forex auto-trading platform running on MT4 Trading software to each of its affiliates. MT4Trading is a free software that uses Expert Advisors to analyse financial markets.

As claimed by USI Tech, earlier its affiliates have earned up to 150% return per year by following its long term and midterm investment strategies.

Compensation plan

The compensation plan of UTI Tech includes both types of commission – recruitment commission and brokerage fee in terms of commission to its affiliates. The affiliates are paid commission on direct as well as residual basis.

Recruitment Commissions

As direct recruitment commission the affiliates are enabled to earn 120 EUR for every personally recruited affiliate. Though it seems to be a good earning for an affiliate but every new affiliate has to pay 600 EUR to the company as his membership fee.

Residual Commissions

The company calculates residual commission by using company’s 3×12 matrix system as all other MLM companies calculate. When all the 797,160 positions are filled through direct and indirect recruitments then the matrix is considered complete.

Out of 600 EUR paid by new affiliate to the company 150 EUR are given to the affiliate as residual commission after splitting it into 12 instalments of 12.50 EUR each to be sent to at 12 levels of company’s matrix.

Broker Commissions

USI Tech also provides broker commission to its affiliates that comes from the fee collected by the company from the affiliates for using its software. This commission is also distributed as per 3×12 matrix system of the company.

An affiliate gets 25% of the fee paid to the company on every new recruitment and rest of the 75% is divided to 12 levels of the matrix in 12 small payments. An important thing to keep in mind is that every month the brokerage fee will vary depending upon the number of people using this system. If more people are using it then brokerage fee will increase.

Cost of joining USI Tech

Though there is no monthly membership but you have to pay 600 EUR to the company to be its affiliate which not very meagre amount to join a MLM company.

Conclusion for USI 

After going through the USI Tech review I have provided in this write up it can be easy for you to make a wise decision about joining it.

Though I cannot call it really a scam but you should consider all of its pros and cons before signing up as an affiliate.

There are certain risks involved including the risk of failure of the business and the risk of losing your hard earned money.


Personally I prefer to invest in ICO’s and other cryptocurrencies to earn money rather than wasting time on Bitcoin MLM programs like USI.

Here are some solid resources I use to invest:

I will put together a followup post on how I use these resources.